A tank truck, petroleum truck, water trucks (more commonly known as a ‘tanker’ in United Kingdom) is a motor vehicle, designed to transport liquid oils, gas, fuel and refined petrolium products from one place to another over long distance. Most frequently tanker trucks get applied in the areas bound by pipeline or by railroad. Other than that, tank trucks are also used for carrying non-toxic chemicals as well as hazardous materiels. Using tankers for transporting hazardous materiels is most secure practise, as transporting operators must readjust to more stringent transporting standarts.

Get the unfair benefit of using top-tier water tanks

The Kraft Tank Corporation Company is an American manufacturer of top-class transporting equipment, produced for longevity while used under harsh environment. We are proud of supplying custom designed tankers for any requirement, but our business emphasize is primarily made on offering high-quality tank water trucks to help reach fabulous performance in civil environment, public works, commercial activities by fulfilling any customer needs. For the time being, our inventory includes multiple used tanker trucks for sale, while the vehicle list is constantly expanded with new makes and models.

Tips on choosing tank water tanks

The water truck purchasing process is always followed by thinking over benefits and shortcomings every single truck might bring. There are some tips to take into consideration when making a decision on buying used tank truck.

  • Working condition is crucial
  • In spite of acquiring second hand tank trucks, a buyer must monitor vehicle technical condition, otherwise purchase might backfire.

  • Comply with thorough technical inspection
  • Take some time to execute rigorous mechanical check-up for assessing technical condition as well as verify tank truck serial number and the year of manufacture.

  • Truck specifications
  • A buyer should be equipped with sufficient knowledge about different models of tank trucks and water trucks, dive into intricacies related to many different models and figure out theirs strength.

  • Cost
  • A buyer has got to know expenses induced by buying a truck and potential spare parts expenses

      Expert sales and maintenance of transport vehicles

      We do our best to correspond clients’ wishes that’s why apart from used tanker trucks for sale in USA which is why The Kraft Tank Corporation Company offers an extensive service maintenance. We aim to be on the edge of technologies while constanctly improving customer service. Water trucks from Renault, Scania, Iveco, Caterpillar and Mack are available and ready to drive. Feel all the benefits of trucks from the leading Kansas-base tank truck trader.